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The act of alchemizing your project's visions into a tangible piece of art is undoubtedly a sacred act. I love working with clients from the stage of ideas and visions for their project to a visually resonant logo or website.


This process is a journey of looking inward and truly understanding what it is that you want to birth into the world. Being able to express the intentional imprint you see your project having in the world is important. In a sense, this is the process of finding your purpose or the purpose of your work. With this in mind, I ask for clients to commit time and presence to our co-creation.



Know thyself

A logo is more than just a design to represent your brand, it is the foundation of an energetic blueprint for your vision. Let us create with focused intention and allow your project to be divinely guided and fundamentally magnetic. 

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Custom commissions

I am currently receiving to custom logo design inquiries! Please fill out the form below and I will be in contact soon. Also, stay tuned for pre-designed logos that will be offered for a more accessible and streamlined process.

Gratitude for your inquiry. I'll get back to you soon.

rates: Start at $300 

Including 2x visioning connection calls, 2x major edits and 3x minor edits.

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May we continually tune in with Mother Earth's frequencies & allow her to guide our purpose as we walk humbly upon this planet. 

Share thyself


Your website is the energetic portal of your work. This is a space that magnifies your gifts by sharing them in a way that is clear, concise, and aesthetically resonant with your brand.

webdesign rates may vary but are generally based on an hourly design rate of $60/hr

Past website designs

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Untitled_Artwork 14.png

Winter Jendayi - Altar de Koskatlan

I feel really grateful for the way that Freya has supported my work. I've been working with her over the years in a variety of ways and each time she supports with capturing the vision I have for my business and offerings. Freya honors the sacred process of this type of creation, and all that she creates is filled with intention, integrity and care. Bringing our intentions to life to be seen and received by the outer world is quite a task and Freya gracefully supports this process in a holistic and grounded way. I am grateful for the logo and website she has created for me and her artistic expression which is integrated into everything she creates.

send an email titled 'Website Inquiry' to

please share a brief description of your work, why you are passionate about it and we will start the co-creation conversation!

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